Precision Medicines and the Manufacturing Challenges for the Pharmaceutical Industry

How can companies in the pharmaceutical sector respond effectively to their precision medicine delivery challenges?

This paper explores the benefits of sterile small batch fill-finish, and the pivotal role Cambridge Pharma plays in pharmaceutical development.

Author: Barbara Lead, Cambridge Pharma CEO

Barbara is an experienced board director, having served on the boards of two medical device companies and a pharmaceutical consultancy company.

She has also held VP positions at pharmaceutical companies and brings her product development, industrialisation, and commercial experience to Cambridge Pharma.

About Cambridge Pharma

Our purpose-built manufacturing facility is close to the heart of Europe’s largest biotech and pharma cluster, and we can support our clients from pre-clinical trials through to commercialisation.

Key takeways:

  • Sterile small batch fill-finish is ideally suited to precision medication delivery for smaller patient populations.
  • Expertise in fill-finish is required for highly viscous formulations and suspensions.
  • Pharma companies need to adapt to take advantage of innovation and meet patient needs.
  • The small batch fill-finish approach works particularly well for clinical trials.
  • Cambridge Pharma provide a fast and flexible pharmaceutical development service to meet your clinic critical deadlines.