Sterile Filling

Small-batch sterile fill-finish to support clinical trials and product launches


We are the small-batch specialists

At Cambridge Pharma, our focus is on small-batch sterile filling for clinical trials. This means that we are able to accommodate a wider range of requirements and achieve a faster turnaround than competitors who are set up for larger scale manufacturing.

Within our purpose-built cGMP facility, we offer the complete fill-finish service for batches of 100 to 10,000 units. All filling is conducted within isolators and our state-of-the-art filling lines allow exceptional flexibility, catering for a wide range of containers and drug formulations.

Quality assurance
Our purpose-built facility uses the latest technology and carefully designed flows of people and material to ensure the highest standards of quality.

Wide range of containers and fill products
Our flexible filling lines can accommodate a range of standard and proprietary containers and a wide variety of drug products.

Fast, flexible service
Our experienced project managers will work closely with you to meet your exact requirements while minimising turnaround time.

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