Specialty Filling

Small-batch GMP sterile filling for non-standard primary drug containers


Non-standard primary drug container specialty filling

Our full isolator flexible filling lines can handle a wide range of non-standard and proprietary primary drug containers.

As the small-batch sterile filling specialists built on extensive in-house experience, we pride ourselves on being able to accommodate our customers’ unique requirements, even on short runs and tight deadlines.

To speak to our project management team about your requirements:
Call: +44 1223 736 220
Email: info@cambridgepharma.com

  • Flexible fill-finish service for custom containers
  • Grade A isolator filling environment
  • Qualified peristaltic or piston pump filling systems available (others as required)
  • Vacuum stopper insertion
  • Nitrogen flush/ head space available
  • Proprietary closure processes accommodated

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